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C-Prep League

Upper/Lower Divisions (if possible)

The C-Prep League games are based largely upon High School baseball rules.

The playing field will include 90’ bases and 60’ 6" pitching distance with a pitching mound.
**  In Territory Rules do APPLY and Rosters are required for the Futures League.
**  All teams must follow the USA, USSSA and AYL bat rules.
**  Protests will be allowed per AYL rules.
**  Games have a 1:45 hour time limit. 

**  Must follow all AYL exception rules.
C-Prep League consist of an Upper and a Lower division (Upper being the more competitive if possible). The two divisions are intended to provide teams quality games against similar competition. Teams are placed by the number of 7th graders or 8th graders a team has. At the discretion of the AYL Baseball Board, teams may be moved between divisions to balance the competition.
The C-Prep League season will consist of 8 league games and a single elimination playoff at the conclusion of the spring season. Games will be played Monday through Thursday, beginning Early March, 2021 through end of May, 2021. Games will be played during the week. (see season on the baseball main page)
The league will attempt to over-schedule games on all playable days/dates within the online described league calendar (listed on the AYL Baseball homepage).  Doing so, teams will have more games scheduled than the described minimum.  Should the league deem a game needs to be canceled (at the BOD's discretion) the game will not be made-up unless a team has less than the 8 game minimum season.  Schedules will be prepared with teams playing up to two (2) games per week in March.
C-Prep League will have a single elimination playoff the last week of the season. The single elimination playoffs will begin in Early May, 2021, with the C-Prep championship games played end of May, 2021. First and second place teams will receive individual trophies and a team plaque. Teams will be seeded by their finish in the spring season games. Separate playoffs will be held for both division teams.


World Series Games will be held at TBD